Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun P.E. Games - Pin Kickball and Battleship

Oct. 24th = After two weeks of fitness testing, I decided to rewarded my 5th grade classes with a day of fun games! They played Pinball, Pin Kickball and Battleship. Below are some video clips!

Oct. 31st = This week our school had a Halloween "Multi-age" day, so with those events going on the students did not have P.E. class. The Kindergarten class joined the activities in the gym during their P.E. time which included dances such as Monster Mash, Thriller, Chicken Dance, and "Who Let the Ghosts Out?".

Video of Battleship:

Battleship - This time I allowed two teams to join together as one fleet - a suggestion from one of my students! They enjoyed this version as well!

This video shows how teams have to begin most games we play - lined up with their team with a ball between their feet. Teams are rewarded points if they are able to get ready in 30 seconds or less (for each round). This ensures we don't waste any of our valuable P.E. minutes!

Playing Pin Kickball - kicking the balls to knock down the pins instead of rolling them like we do in the game "Pinball".


  1. thanks for the great idea, I'm totally going to use both of these!