Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Catching and Throwing Games

This month students will be focusing on catching and throwing skills. Below are details and videos of what we did this week.

5th Graders Agenda:

Catching Practice - Individual Catching Stunts/Partner Toss and Catch
Catching Games - 1) Jail Ball 2) Hoop Guard

Kindergarten Agenda:
Warm-up: Yoga
Throwing Practice: Underhand and Overhand Throwing
Throwing Game: Star Wars

Catching Practice - Students practiced individually in their own space tossing to self and catching. We caught with two hands, one hand and then did some stunts such as Toss/Clap/Catch, Toss/Kneel/Catch/Toss/Stand/Catch, Toss/Spin Around/Catch, Toss under legs/Catch.

Partner Practice - working on the Throw and Catch Challenge from pecentral.org

Game: Jail Ball - Click here for directions on how to play Jail Ball.

Game: Hoop Guard - Partners try to toss the bean bag into the other's hula hoop for a point.

Video of Yoga Exercises:

Video of Star Wars Game:


  1. These activities look great!
    I have been looking for P.E lessons to do with my children that are fun and enjoyable while also building on their catching and throwing skills.

    keep the videos and help coming.