Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Elementary P.E. Chinese Jump Ropes

Special Note:  This semester I will have a student teacher working with me from Aquinas College.  His name is Mr. Joe Gietzen and he is very excited to be with us! 

Update:  For the month of December, 2nd graders worked a lot on catching and throwing.  We also had fun playing some holiday games such as "Feed the Reindeer",  Christmas Tree Tag and Candy Cane Tag.  

In January we will be focusing on Jump Rope Skills.  Students will practice with Chinese Jump Ropes, Long Ropes, Single Ropes, and Jumping Sticks.   This week the kids also played a running game called "Freezer".  A good one for the cold month of January!   Click HERE for more videos of jump rope activities from previous years. 

Chinese Jump Rope Pattern "Americans" 1-2-3-4-(straddle jumps) In-Out-In-On This student is learning the American's pattern. She has two misses,then nails it on her third turn! Good job!
This student was successful (no misses) at ankle height, so the rope holders move it up to calf height. The highest I allow for second graders is knee height.

Picture of 2nd graders doing Chinese Jump Ropes

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