Friday, January 25, 2013

P.E. Balloon Activities for Elementary Students

This week my Kindergarten and Preschool aged students had fun playing with balloons!  My 2nd graders did not have school this week, but they will be participating in these balloon activities soon.  They are finishing their unit on jump ropes...

To view the details of my Balloon Lesson, please click on this link.  The first several pages of this document are posters I used in my lesson, and the last page has the list of activities.  My plan is to break the activities (there are about 9) over THREE class periods.  We spent about 8 minutes doing balloon activities and the rest of class was the warm-up and fitness games. 

These posters show the order of things I taught the kids.  Today we did the red and orange poster.  Next week we'll talk more about the other posters.  The red and orange poster just have body parts listed.  This is how we practiced hitting the balloons (with our feet, hands, fingers, elbow, knee, head, shoulder, thumb).  The pattern posters give examples of how we can use patterns while we play with balloons.  Ex.  Hit the balloon with hand, then foot (AB pattern) OR an ABC patterns of "hand, knee, foot". 
This is a video of the pre-K class doing an "AB" pattern while hitting the balloon.  Hand-Foot, Hand-Foot, etc.
The ECSE classes played "Stop-Go-Slow" using scooters.  Great way to work those leg muscles!  Pictured is Mr. Gietzen, our new student teacher. 

Doing the bear walk during our "Four Corners" warm-up.



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    1. Thanks a lot Kyle! I'll check yours out too. Love to share and receive ideas!