Sunday, November 13, 2016

November Activities in P.E. and Thanksgiving Game Ideas

I wish I had more time to post!  I can not believe we are already half way through November!  We
Arm Hang Underhand Grip
Flexed Arm Hang - underhand grip
have been doing so many fun things in P.E. class.  Since the last time I wrote, my students have participated in the following activities:

1.  Centers activities in our upper level (log rolls, somersaults, balance beam, tunnel, hula hoop, etc)
2.  Flexed Arm Hang  -Thanks to Mr. Basaiga for helping with this!  See pics below....
3.  Exercise Balls - Thanks to Mrs. Fisher for leading small groups!   See pics below...
4.  Monkey Bar Ladder (Upper Level - 2nd-5th)
5.  Soccer Skills and Games
6.  Spider in the Web and Halloween Tag Games

For the rest of this month, my students will participate in Relay Activities, and Thanksgiving Fitness games such as Thanksgiving Tag, The Turkey and the Farmer, or the Thanksgiving Match Game.

Here is another video of The Turkey and the Farmer which shows the students playing in real time.  Thanks for Tracy Zappone for this idea!

Thanksgiving games are not only fun and great exercise, but they provide an opportunity for a mini history lesson on our first Thanksgiving!  It's also a great time to have students share their own stories about what their families do to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Thank you Mr. Basaiga for volunteering!

She makes it look so easy!
Mrs. Fisher is a personal trainer and instructor at the YMCA.  She is also a parent of two of our students!  Thank you Mrs. Fisher for leading small groups.  The students really enjoyed it!

Students learned about goalie stance and had turns to be goalie in the game "GO SCORE".

Students learned about goalie stance and had turns to be goalie in the game "GO SCORE".

We pretend that the black mat is a huge soccer net and use 2 goalie here!

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