Friday, August 25, 2017

Back to School - 2017

The gym is ready to welcome your child next week!
Welcome back to school everyone!
It was wonderful to meet so many new and returning families at the
Kindergarten Open House last week!  Seeing how excited the kids are made me even more anxious to get the school year started!

I have been teaching Physical Education at KHPS since 2005.  I am a graduate in the Movement Science department from GVSU.  I LOVE teaching elementary P.E.  My goal is to provide a safe, positive, and nurturing learning environment where all children feel motivated to give their personal best!

I would like to introduce my teacher assistant from GVSU.  His name is Kyle Yntema and he has a lot of experience teaching young children in Sunday school and coaching sports teams.   His favorite sports are soccer and baseball.  He will be at our school every morning (3rd-5th graders will have him). I am happy to have him with me this semester!

The first week of school all students will be learning (or a quick review for returning students) the following:

1. Our school wide Code of Conduct  "SHINES" - Shows Respect, Has self-control, Is trustworthy, Never gives up, Engages in learning, Stays safe.  They will learn what this looks like in the gym.
2.  Procedures - We have 27 minute class periods so procedures are VERY important.  We do not waste a second of time in P.E. and the students will quickly learn how we do things in order to maximize our time.
3.  Rainbow Spots and Daily Dozen Warm-Up - Check out some videos of our Daily Dozen from last year!   2nd graders, 3rd Graders5th Graders  Each child has a "rainbow spots" which is a small piece of tape so they know where to go.  Ask your child which color team they are on!
4.  Fun & Collaborative Games - We will get to know each other through a variety of fun activities!
The students will learn some of the benefits of physical activity!

An administrator once told me I have "procedures on steroids".  Which was a big compliment!  The kids know what is expected at all times, so our classes run smoothly and everyone has fun!


  1. Hi Carly,
    I don't see where your rainbow spots are located? Are the kids doing the exercises on top of them? Do they stay with the same color all year?

    1. Sorry, I just now saw your comment! Yes, they are on top of their rainbow spots. They are small pieces of colored floor tape. Works great!