Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Soccer Lessons, Germ Ball, Hula Hoops and more!

Our first several weeks of school have been GREAT!   The students have learned a huge variety of skills already including the following:

1.  Daily Dozen Warm-Up (check out the video of our September Daily Dozen!)
2.  Moving Safely, Personal Space and Spacial  Awareness
3.  Germ Prevention and Hand Washing (Germ Ball Game)
4.  Hula Hoop Skills (check out the video of choice time and Bubble Cars)
5.  Soccer Skills - (video of "Go Score", video of drill, Pre-K-2nd game "Go Visit Places")
6.  Defense Skills - (video of Guard the Cookie Jar)
7.  Team Building Activities "Getting to Know you Tag"
8.  Rolling a ball / Bowling Activities (video of Pinball game)
9.  Walking Track Recess Program and Get Sweaty Calendars
10.  Variety of fun fitness games like "fruit tag, bridge tag, stop and go tag"
11. Fitnessgram fitness testing (3rd-5th)

A 5th grade recess helper with a Pre-K student.  Love how they matched today!

Defensive position while playing Guard the Cookie Jar

My teacher assistant, Mr. Yntema guarding a cookie jar.

Ready position to begin a game.

Listening during instruction time.

Soccer Tag


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