Thursday, December 7, 2017

Jump Rope, Catching, and Testing Your Skills Activity

I try to post at least once a month,
but November got away from me!  How is time flying by SO
Student showing READY HANDS for catching.
fast!?  I am having lots of fun, that is how!  My students have been busy learning a variety of skills this month.  Check out some pictures and video demonstration links below!

3rd-5th Grades

1.  Jump Rope Skills - After students have mastered basic jumping (at least 20-30 in a row), they begin working on tricks.  The students who master the most tricks will perform in our Jump Rope for Heart Assembly in January.  Tricks include the side swing pattern, continuous criss cross or regular criss cross, hopping, scissor or jack feet, forward to backward, pretzel, doubles (continuous doubles or doubles with basic), cartwheel, 360, walk the dog, partner tricks such as switching handles, 2 in 1 rope, 1 twirls.  To master a trick means the student performed it for me 10 times without missing.  Click here to see how I teach basic jumping.

2.  Catching and Throwing games  - such as Battleship and Sink the Ship.

3.  Thankful Tag (K-5th)

4.  BBall Shooting - Lightning Game, with a focus on teaching them how to use the backboard!

PreK - 2nd Grades  -

1.  Locomotor Skills - PreK-2nd grade students have been focusing on locomotor skills such as running, galloping, skipping, hopping, leaping and animal walks.  They did an activity I call "Test Your Skills".  Click to see the teacher demonstration of this game, and also the student demonstrations.

2.  Basketball - dribbling and shooting

3.  Catching and throwing - I taught the students READY HANDS and played the game "Catch Everything".  Check out this student demonstration by my 5th grade recess helpers, and also a 2nd grade class playing this game.  We also did a catching activity I call CATCH, THROW and RUN.

During the holiday season, I enjoy playing lots of fun holiday games.  Here is a link to my blog posts with Christmas games. I especially like the Feed the Reindeer Relay!

Playing catch with a partner.

READY HANDS for the game Catch Everything!

READY HANDS for the game Catch Everything!

READY HANDS for the game Catch Everything!

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