Friday, August 24, 2018

Welcome Back to School!

Physical Education Welcome Letter - 2018/2019

Welcome back to school!  My name is Carly Glanzman, and I've been
teaching Elementary P.E. since 2005.  I have a Bachelor of Science
degree with a major in Movement Science (aka. Physical Education),
and a minor in Elementary Education.  I love teaching P.E.!
My goal is to provide a safe and positive experience for children,
and teach them a variety of skills and activities so they learn how to
stay healthy for a lifetime.

Please check out my blog at  
If you enter your email address in the “follow by email” box, you will
receive automatic emails when I add a new post (which is about once per month).  
This will allow you to see pictures, videos and read about the awesome
things your child is doing in P.E. class. Please note that I only post pictures
of students who have permission to be published.

Your child will learn a huge variety of skills in my class this year.  
They will be officially graded on
Participation, Sportsmanship, Effort and Respect.  
Please be sure your child brings gym shoes to school on their P.E. day.  
Gym shoes are required for safe participation.

Mondays - VanDam, Dougherty, Debri, Martinez, Martin
Tuesdays - Compau, Bradford, Crow, Pikaart, McVey
Wednesdays - Monroe, Willink, Hartley, St. Pierre
Thursdays - Jones, Hartman, Wickering, Eadeh, Graham
Fridays - Gerdes, Woodman, Weller, Kemp, Soliz

If you are interested in volunteering occasionally in P.E. class this year
OR for the recess walking track program, please email me!  
If you ever have questions, comments or concerns, please contact me anytime.

Your child will receive a Get Sweaty calendar soon.  
Information about this optional program is on the calendar.  
For KHPS sports opportunities, please visit this website:
Your P.E. teacher,

Mrs. Glanzman

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