Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mileage Club / Walking Track

The mileage club / walking track started up again at school after Labor Day break. Many of our
Students come to get a punch on their card.
Great work!
students have already reached 10+ miles!  The mileage club is an optional recess activity for all of our PreK-5th grade students.  Students who want to participate get a yellow card from our lovely volunteer, write their name on it, and get started!  Each time a lap is completed, they get a heart shaped punch on their card.  Each card is worth 5 miles!  When the first card is completed, the students receive a beaded chain necklace along with their first toe token.  More toe tokens are earned as students complete additional cards.

Many thanks to Mrs. Peebles (many of our students call her "Grandma Peebles")!  She keeps this program running for us during the lunch recess!

Mrs. Peebles is our wonderful volunteer!
Research shows that physical activity increases brain function.  In addition, physical activity improves self-esteem and reduces anxiety and stress.  The mileage club / walking track is a great way for students to get exercise, stay in shape, enjoy recess time with their friends, and earn prizes!

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  1. Hi, I love this idea! Is it possible to get the mileage Marker card to download?