Friday, September 28, 2018

First Weeks of School 2018

I am SO pleased with how my students got right back in the swing of things
these first few weeks of
school!  It is very important for students to follow our Code of Conduct, and our procedures (SOPs) because we don't want to waste any of our precious time in P.E. class due to management issues!  The students come once a week for 45 minutes, and each minute is packed full of important learning, playing, exercising and sharing.  Our new PreK and Kindergarten students are also doing a great job learning the expectations.  We are off to a GREAT start!
Sit and Reach Test for Flexibility

Check out what we have learned this month:  Videos are available for some activities!

Daily Dozen Warm-Up - Click here for a video of our September Daily Dozen (Bonus - your child can do this at home!  Check out my youtube channel for more Daily Dozen videos).

Equipment:  Students have played with a variety of different balls, bowling pins, balloons and paddles, scooters, and learned how to clean up.

Games and Skills:
Test Your Skills - Check out the VIDEO HERE!  Students did tons of locomotor movements, animal walks, soccer, basketball and scooters.  I also used this time to test students on the Sit and Reach and Push-Ups.

Rollerball and Pinball - 3rd-5th graders played these games to practice bowling skills, defense, and teamwork.

All students played the Color Run Game and a variety of tag games such as Fruit Loop Tag, Fruit Tag (just like Fruit Loop Tag but talked about nutrition and healthy eating!), Stop and Go Tag, and Bubble Tag.  This teaches them how to run, stop and dodge safely and how to cooperate with others.

Personal Space and Spacial Awareness - All students learned about how to move safely while playing and how to stay in their own space during games and also listening times.

PACER Running Test - 3rd-5th graders participated in the PACER Pre-test

Curl-Up Test - 3rd-5th graders did a Curl-Up Pre-test (video demonstration).

It has been a great month, and I look forward to October!
Showing how we take turns during the Test Your Skills activity.

Crab Walk


This is how we clean up the balloons by giving it a "half hug".  We clean up the balls with a hug with both arms!

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