Thursday, April 16, 2020

Fitness Easter Egg Hunt, Would you Rather Video and Read Aloud

Hi Everyone!  I hope you all had a Happy Easter!  This year was certainly different since we all had to
stay home.  I would like to share a video for an idea you can do at home with your empty plastic Easter eggs.  Check it out!  I am also posting a really FUN exercise video, and a read a aloud for you!

1.  Fitness Easter Egg Hunt
Equipment Needed:
Plastic Easter Eggs (About 10, or as many as you would like to use.)
Small pieces of paper with exercises written on them (Same number as eggs.)
Note:  if you do not have plastic eggs, simple use paper to make your own paper eggs, then write exercises on the back side.
Directions:  Watch this quick video Fitness Easter Egg Hunt
Ideas for exercises: 
Jumping Jacks
Hop on 1 foot
Scissor Jumps
Leg Raises
Mountain Climbers
High Knees
Butterfly Stretch
Balance on 1 foot

2.  Would You Rather Exercise Video - click here
This is so much fun. Pull this up on your computer, phone or TV.  Two items will pop up (ex. apple or banana).  You choose what you like better, then an exercise will pop up and you have to do the one that goes with the item you selected. 

3.  Read Aloud:  
Here is my recording of the book, "Sally Sore Loser" by Frank Sileo.  This is a great book which teaches about SPORTSMANSHIP!  Click here for the read aloud.  

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