Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Let's Play Catch!

Hi Everyone,
Here are some things we had at home to play catch with!

Today I am posting a 3 minute work-out video for you, a video of how to play the catching game "six and switch", videos of a couple catching tricks/stunts, and a dance video for the fun of it!  Check out the links below.  Enjoy!

Daily Dozen -I Gotta Feelin' (click for link)

Catching Game - Six and Switch
Directions:  Gather some items you can play catch with (ask your parents first ;-).  Catch 6 in a row, then switch to the next item.  You can play alone or with a partner.  Remember to have READY HANDS for catching!
Here is how you can play at home if you are stuck inside (click for link)
Here is how you can play at home OUTSIDE (click for link)
Here is how we play this at school (click for link)

Catching Tricks/Stunts
1.  Toss Clap Catch - (click for link)
Toss it up, clap once, then catch it.  If you can do it, then add another clap.  Toss, clap 2 times, then catch.  Keep adding more claps if you can!
2.  Toss Kneel Catch, Toss Stand Catch- (click for link)  Toss it up, kneel, then catch it.  Then toss, stand up and catch it.
3.  Through the Legs - (click for link)

Dance Video - Magic
This is fun and easy to follow along with!  I taught this dance a few years ago to my P.E. classes and they really enjoyed it!  (click for link)

Here are some items we played catch with inside the house!
Our dog also likes to play catch!

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