Thursday, March 19, 2020

Staying Active Over Break

Happy Spring!  Check out the links below for activities and exercises you can do today and over the weekend.

Push-Up ChallengeVideo demonstration of my 5th graders.   You can do this at home by yourself or with your brothers/sisters.  Use a stuffed animal if you don't have a ball.  How many can you do?

Curl-Up ChallengeVideo demonstration of my students.  You can also do this by yourself at home by hooking your feet under your coach.  Put your stuffed animal on the couch too so they can "help you count".  :-)  How many can you do?

Basketball Challenge:  If you have a basketball and hoop at home, play HOT SHOT (click for a video demonstration).  How many baskets can you make in one minute?  Play as many rounds as you can!

Don't have a basketball?  Use a soccer ball, baseball, or other ball to practice your kicking, throwing or catching.

Dancing Challenge:  Click on the links below for some dances!