Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dodgeball and Dr. Mario

This week my students played Dodgeball (3rd-5th grades) and Dr. Mario (K-2nd grade).  Click here if you would like printable directions of Dr. Mario.  Dr. Mario is a modified Dodgeball game where players "get sick" if they are hit on the feet or legs with a "germ ball".  The "doctor" can help sick players by giving them pretend "medicine". 

Both of these games are a great way for students to practice a variety of skills including running, dodging, rolling, throwing, and catching. 

The students really enjoyed both games!  Below is a video of Dodgeball - please notice how players who are OUT do not sit or stand on the sideline.  Instead, players who are OUT must walk or jog on the sideline from cone to cone.  We played 3-4 minute games.  When the time was up, we started a new round and all players were able to come back into the game.  Please see the picture below for a list of rules of the game. 

Here is a list of rules I used for Dodgeball.  Note - we used foam balls for this activity, not the old fashion rubber balls!

Players who were OUT walked or jogged from the red cone to the orange cone - no sitting in my gym!  

This game is Dr. Mario. I decided to use the volleyball net at a low height to help teach students how to ROLL the balls under the net- not throw them.  It worked like a charm!

Kindergarten - The doctor is on the blue scooter.  The piece of noodle is the pretend medicine.  The doctor helps players who are sick by touching them with the medicine.  We called the scooter the "ambulance".

Dr. Mario - the doctor is giving the "sick" player the medicine so he can stand up again and play.

Dr. Mario is scooting around helping players who are "sick" (players who got hit with a germ ball).

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