Saturday, May 23, 2015

Star Wars Throwing Game and Relay Races

This week we practiced throwing (underhand and overhand), and did some relay races in preparation
star wars throwing game. I can throw the ball far and hit the targets
for field day.  Star Wars is a great game to practice THROWING.   Below are some youtube videos describing how I play Star Wars with K-2nd and how I play with 3rd-5th. 

field day relay race
This is how they look when finishing a relay - SMILES!
I also taught a variety of relay races for K-2nd grades.  I explained that TEAMWORK is the most important part of a relay - cheer for teammates and encourage them to do their best.  I reward teams with a POINT if they sit down in a nice straight line with hands in their lap when the relay is all done.  I give them TWO POINTS if the whole team is sitting with a smile on their face!  This helps very much with management - after each race, the teams are all ready to listen to the directions of the next race and no time is wasted trying to quiet the class.  I hold a clipboard and show the points (tally marks) for each team. 

These are the relays I taught this week:
1)  Basic - run around the cone and back. (We also added a hurdle the second time).
2)  Money Run - each team had a bucket of pretend money (laminated money from the dollar store).  Players took turns running to the bucket to get 1 dollar at a time.  They kept taking turns until the money was gone.
3)  Bean Bag Balance - balanced a bean bag on a foam hockey stick (short stick that we use for scooter hockey)  This is similar to the egg and spoon relay.  However, if the beanbag falls I do NOT make the student start all over - instead they stop and do 10 exercises, then pick up the beanbag and finish.
4)  Chicken Walk - We used rubber chickens and put them between our knees.  We said "knees - squeeze" and they had to walk around a cone and back.  If the chicken fell, they had to stop and do 10 exercises then continue.
5)  Puzzle Relay - Each team had to complete a 24 piece puzzle.  I put all of the team's puzzle pieces in a bucket.  They took turns running to the bucket, get ONE piece, then run back.  They took several turns to collect the pieces then when all the pieces were collected the last person ran to collect their box (with the picture of the puzzle on it).  Then the team completed the puzzle together.

This video describes all of the relays I taught this week:

These videos describe the game STAR WARS  (K-2nd version)

These videos describe the game STAR WARS  (3rd-5th version)

STAR WARS Throwing Game in Action:

Star Wars Throwing Game - Big Ship
Set up for K-2 Star Wars Game

Big Spaceship for Star Wars Throwing Game
Set up for K-2 Star Wars Game

Scooter rocket ships
The scooter "rocket" is helping give the balls back to the players because players can not go inside the cone area.

We used three scooter "rockets" to help get the balls that didn't make it into the spaceship.  Astronauts were inside the big spaceship throwing balls back out.

3rd-5th grade classes have a different set up that is more challenging.  We divided into 4 teams and put the ships in the corners of the gym.

3rd-5th set up spaceships in the corners of the gym.

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