Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sink the Ship - Fun game for P.E. and Pinball Bowling Game

This week my students played Pinball and Sink the Ship.  Both games are a great way to practice rolling a ball, catching, throwing and teamwork.

See pics and videos below!  Click here for printable directions for Sink the Ship.

Here is a video to explain the game Sink the Ship from

This is our agenda which includes the rules of Sink the Ship.

The RED ship is demonstrating how to FREEZE when I blow the whistle.  The ships that freeze the quickest are rewarded a point on the board.  The kids on scooters are the "lifeboats". There job is to retrieve balls and bring them to their ship.

This team is demonstrating how to freeze quickly when I blow the whistle.

This 5th grader is volunteering his recess time to come play with the Kindergarten students.  Players may guard the bowling pins and step off the ship with ONE foot.  Players who are guarding pins must stay standing up - no sitting or kneeling on the ship.

The green ship has a green "lifeboat" who is doing a great job retrieving balls for her team.

This is the "penalty" for ships who sink or kids who step off of their ship with both feet - The crew from the ship goes to the "bottom of the ocean" (cone) and performs 10 exercises.  Then they are able to return to the game and set their pins back up.

The yellow ship is demonstrating how we BEGIN the game with a ball between their feet.  Teams who are ready quickly are rewarded with a point.

Starting the game with a ball between each player's feet.

This student is doing the splits, trying to reach a ball!  She knows to keep one foot on her ship!

The rest of the pictures are of the game Pinball.  Click here for printable directions.
This year I used the volleyball net at a low level to teach K-2 students how to stay on their side of the gym and roll balls UNDER the net to knock down the other team's pins.

Each team had 10 bowling pins set up on their endline.

This student is demonstrating that you can NOT stand in the "no guarding zone" which is between the yellow line and pins.  The whole team has to stay in front of the yellow line to guard the pins.

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