Monday, September 29, 2014

P.E. Lesson - Soccer Skills K-5th Grade

Here are some pictures and videos from last week. Enjoy!  

Agenda for K-2nd grade students.  We learned a stretching song this week (Dinonastics), animal walks and spacial awareness.

3rd-5th grade agenda - Practicing Soccer Skills in September - see video below for our soccer drills and soccer tag.
This is our Locomotor I CAN bulletin board.  This week we talked about leaping and practiced leaping over hurdles during the warm-up activity.

Sample bulletin boards.

Mr. Pahl made this awesome bulletin board for posting our standards so the students know what we are working on.

Close up of Mr. Pahl's bulletin board.

Our Code of Conduct in P.E.  Classes can earn 2 stars each time they come to PE.  One star for everyone wearing their gym shoes, and the other star for if everyone follows the code of conduct.
This is a 4th grade helper standing by the hurdle encouraging younger students as they practice leaping.

Video of Soccer Drills - This is my explanation of today's soccer drill - combining these skills:  passing with a partner, trapping, shooting, goal keeping, throw-ins and dribbling.
Below is a video of Soccer Tag - Players who are tagged move out of bounds and dribble a soccer ball down and back.

This video shows lower elementary students practicing dribbling and trapping.


  1. I like your code of conduct, it is so simplified. What are the stars the classes earn? Do they get something once they reach _# of stars?

  2. Each class can earn 2 stars each time they come see me. 1 star is for if the class follows the code of conduct and the 2nd star is if they all come prepared with their gym shoes on (and sometimes for the older students I say their shoes have to be tied no students are stopping to tie shoes during the warm-up). I reward the class with the most starts at the end of the month.