Saturday, September 20, 2014

September P.E. Lesson - Soccer, Bean Bag Activities, and Animal Walks

This Friday my 3rd-5th grade students demonstrated their soccer skills by participating in these SOCCER COURSES.  5th graders also practiced throw-ins, passing, and trapping with a partner.  This was my first time seeing most of the students play soccer, and the courses were an easy way to keep them all active while I observed what level they are at.   I'm hoping to teach them some soccer lead-up games next week.

My K-2nd grade classes did their MOVE and STRETCH warm-up, learned a stretching song called "TUCK, PIKE STRADDLE", and did some BEAN BAG activities.  I love to use this "Dinonastics" CD for K-2nd grade.  One of my classes even had time to play BEAN BAG TAG.  2nd graders learned about ANIMAL WALKS and played ANIMAL WALK TAG.  This was a new game I came up with yesterday and worked out well! 

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